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Folgende Materialien wurden bei der Übersetzung des Textes I-34 verwendet:

Werk Text/Übersetzung
Nihon Ryōiki 卅四 令盜絹衣歸願妙現菩薩修得其絹衣緣
SNKBT 絹(かとり)の衣(ころも)を盗ましめ妙現菩(めうげんぼ)薩(さち)に帰願(よりねが)ひて倐(たちまち)に其(そ)の絹の衣を得る縁(ことのもと) 第三十四
Nakamura 34 On Taking Back Silk Robes Once Stolen Owing to the Petition to Bodhisattva Myôken
Nihon Ryōiki 紀伊國安諦郡私部寺之前、昔有一家。
SNKBT 紀伊国(きのくに)安諦郡(あてのほり)の信部寺(しのぶでら)の前に、昔一(ひとり)の家有り。
Nakamura Once there was a house in front of the Kisakibe-dera in Ate district, Kii province.
Nihon Ryōiki 絹衣、十盜人所取、憑妙見菩薩而祈願之。
SNKBT 絹(かとり)の衣十(ころもとよそひ)、盗人に取らる。妙現菩(めうげんぼ)薩(さち)に憑(よ)りて祈り願へとも、[...]
Nakamura As ten silk robes were stolen from the owners, they prayed devotedly through Bodhisattva Myô-ken in the temple.
Nihon Ryōiki 盜絹賣之木市人也。
SNKBT [...]盗まれし絹(かとりのきぬ)は木市(きいち)の人に売られ、[...]
Nakamura The stolen silk robes were sold to a merchant in Kii.
Nihon Ryōiki 七日不滿、倏猛風來、厥絹纏鹿、衣褒指南而往、隨主家庭衣得之、乃去天賜焉。
SNKBT [...]七日(なぬか)満たず。倐(たちまち)に猛風(つむじかぜ)来り、厥(そ)の絹鹿(かとりか)に纏(まつ)ひ、衣褒(そでかへ)りて南を指して往(ゆ)き、主(ぬし)の家の庭に堕(お)つ。衣の主得て、すなはち云(い)はく「天の賜ふなり」といふ。
Nakamura Hardly a week passed before a gale hit, and the robes were whisked south on the back of a deer to the original owners' garden; the deer then disappeared in the heavens.
Nihon Ryōiki 買人轉聞、乃知盜衣、當頭匪求。
SNKBT 買ひし人転(つた)へ聞き、すなはち盗まれし衣なることを知り、当頭(つつめ)きて求めず、[...]
Nakamura The merchant who had bought them, heraing that they were stolen goods, did not ask for them back
Nihon Ryōiki 宴嘿弗動也。
SNKBT 宴嘿(ひそか)にして動かず。
Nakamura but kept quiet.
Nihon Ryōiki 斯亦奇異事矣。
SNKBT 斯(こ)れまた奇異(あや)しき事なり。
Nakamura (fehlt)